The wonderful abruzzo costline

Green flag for Silvi Marina, perfect for children

115 pediatricians reward Silvi Marina with the Green Flag in 2016

SILVI MARINA – “Clear water and low near the shore, clean sand to build castles, lifeguards, colorful games, space to change the diaper or breastfeed, and the presence in the vicinity of pubs, clubs and restaurants for a drink. Here is the identikit of Italian beaches promoted by pediatricians, who this year are increasing. Are in fact 134 locations that have achieved Green Flag 2016 “(AdnKronos Health).
Among the 134 summer resorts within reach of children and families there is also Silvi Marina. The prestigious award is back for the third time in the city that inspired the famous song of the Sun throughout its coastline. The allocation in 2016 was characterized by the high number of pediatricians involved in the assessment, ensuring, in fact, a heterogeneous statistical sample, reasonable and meaningful. The press agency concludes with a set of guidelines for a place of ideal beach for children: “Sand better than stones and rocks, a bit ‘of space between the umbrellas to play, water does not become high immediately so they can immerse themselves safe, beaches equipped with presence of assistants to intervene in case of emergency and also the presence of a bar which can meet the various needs of children, for example for the mid-morning snack, the snack, or even to heat milk or other meals for children “. On April 16th 2016 at a conference in San Benedetto del Tronto, you will be the delivery of the ‘Green Flag’ to the mayors of municipalities awarded the recognition.

Abruzzo Green Region of Europe


The coast of Abruzzo is one of the most beautiful  shorelines in Italy;  less crowded than the Roman Riviera or the Salento, it equals them in natural beauty. It’s a long coastline, covering some 130 kilometres, including many beautiful seascapes as well as some fine resorts offering a range of high-quality accommodation and hotels. The Abruzzo coast is known for its sandy beaches, with some rocky pebbled shorelines. At its southern tip, the beaches give way to a series of rich and lush reefs.  The list of coastal resorts that characterize the coast of Abruzzo is long: they include Pescara, the main centre,  Francavilla al Mare, Roseto degli Abruzzi, Giulianova, Alba Adriatica, and Ortona.

Silvi Marina European Blue Flag for the quality of the sea


Among these beautiful coastal resort areas is Silvi Marina, a small town in the province of Teramo.  It  boasts clean and sandy beaches and thanks to its location and the work of the local community,  Silvi Marina’s beach and waters have been awarded the prestigious “Blue Flag”. Of particular mention are  the Gulf of Venus, and the Gulf of Vasto. The coastline is rich in both natural and man-made sites, including the coastal towers of Abruzzo, ancient structures that run along the entire coast.

TORRE DEL CERRANO: Area Marina Protetta

One of the most famous and evocative is Torre del Cerrano; located in the heart of the marine protected area near Silvi Marina, it is well worth visiting. There are tours every Sunday,  from  10:30 to 11:30.  More information is available on the Torre del Cerrano  website. This area is a reminder the time when the Italian coastline was untouched by development – it is rich in green space and flora and fauna.

Guest at the 4 star President Hotel in Silvi Marina can explore this splendid protected marine area. We have more information on local excursions directly at the reception. The staff is at your complete disposal to make your stay in Silvi Marina  special!