Silvi Marina is where flavours, tradition and landscape meet

Silvi Marina is a wonderful place and for an unforgettable holiday. Thanks to the presence of the protected marine park at Torre del Cerrano, visitors will discover a delightful landscape here.  There are numerous tourist facilities for anyone who wants to spend a holiday in tranquillity, while at the same time enjoying good food and service. In the small town of Silvi Marina, a few kilometres from Pescara, is the 4 star Hotel President. Thanks to its private beach, the hotel offers guests all the comfort and service needed for a relaxing holiday.

A great place to stay, for guests young old

Silvi Marina is a great place to holiday. There is plenty to do here,  shopping,  events and evenings out.   The 4 star Hotel President hotel is the ideal place to enjoy all the benefits that this town offers to tourists from all over the world. Abruzzo one of Italy’s most fascinating regions. Its famous Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso, together with the Majella park form a beautiful landscape.  Abruzzo is not only a land of forests, but also of sea and mountains and stunning scenery.  A place of summer sun and winter mountain snow. In addition to the two major national parks, you can also enjoy the spectacle of the Nature Reserve at Monte Velino or Lago Composto, two unmissible destinations. And with the major highways and  the seaside coastal route,  are within easy reach.  Guests of the 4 stars Hotel President can take guided tours across the region,  stopping along the way at local trattorias or farms to eat with relatives and friends.

Abruzzo is a spectacular land of castles and ancient villages

For lovers of historical landscapes, Abruzzo offers enchanting villages such as Rocca Calascio and Santo Stefano di Sessanio.  There are also some beautiful religious buildings, including the Shrine of St Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows, the convent of the Madonna del Carmine and the abbeys of San Liberatore a Majella and San Clemente a Casauria. For those who like castles, there are fine forts at  Avezzano, Celano, Anversa degli Abruzzi and Balsorano. Music lovers should look out for the Jazz festival, while cinema fans are catered for at the  Flaiano Festival.