Shopping tour from outlets to high fashion

Abruzzo is a region rich in natural resources.  From the Apennines to our fabulous coastline with its pristine beaches and the trendy clubs, it is the pride of central Italy.  Our mountains tell another story:  in the foothills of the Gran Sasso massif is a rugged countryside known for  popular traditions and charming ancient villages  – a destination for thousands of tourists from across the world. Abruzzo is also a great place to go shopping. From delightful historic centres, to its boulevards and rural areas, you will find plenty of fashion shops, perfect places for bargain hunters.  There are also outlet stores where you can get discounts on clothing and accessories.  One of the best known is Citta Sant’Angelo Shopping Village, an outlet mall located in the vicinity of Pescara.  Inside its vintage style houses there are 120 shops, many of which are international brands.

This “Mecca” of fashion is home to Guess,  Levis,  Timberland, Massimo Rebecchi, Calvin Klein, Golden Point and many other brands. The outlet store offers convenience and keen prices,  with reductions of up to  70% as well as special promotions. The world famous menswear tailors Brioni has an outlet store in Montesilvano, in the province of Pescara, not far from the hotel. From food and wine shops, to designer boutiques,  household goods, you can fill your house and wardrobe with products from the Abruzzo region.  We also have our charming bottege,  small artisan shops specialising in sweets, salami, wines and cheeses in the Abruzzese tradition.

In Pescara is known for its sports shops, aimed at anyone interested in fishing, scuba diving, walking and mountaineering. Silvi Marina with its location on the Adriatic coast is well known for marine and nautical outlets. If you are looking for a hotel surrounded by beautiful boutiques, restaurants and nightclubs the President Hotel is for you. Our friendly and courteous staff will advise you on  local places to visit.